Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives
Take a Cooking Class and Learn to Love Food!

Healthy and delicious go naturally together - but sometimes we need a little help learning how. Delicious Life with Metro Catering would like to help you learn to eat better by offering a series of courses on how to make meals that are nourishing and tasty by discovering methods for healthy cooking and eating that are easy, fast and efficient.

We will introduce new things you can eat by demonstrating some practical approaches for healthy living with regard to food choices. Learn through demonstration and hands-on training about the preparation of ingredients as we share with you catering kitchen secrets and recipes to incorporate into your weekly routine so you can become less intimidated in the kitchen and focus on eating better. A culinary adventure of new flavors awaits you with a wide range of options that are good for your health and satisfying. We will explore with you a fusion of new American flavors to show that a healthy meal can also be a feast for the senses.

Cooking Basics

All Classes are part demonstration, hands on prep and cooking. Included in your class fee, you will be issued basic knives, cutting board, apron and kitchen tools used in the classes. You will learn use these tools and equipment and how to stock your pantry with essential ingredients.

Food will be served following the class, based on what is prepared. You will be given some of the ingredients demonstrated in each class to take home and practice on your family and friends.

Classes will be limited to small groups so that everyone can have a hands on experience.

Basic Cooking 1
Greens & Grains

In this class you will learn how to prepare seasonal vegetables with basic cooking skills related to their preparation including steaming, sautéing, blanching, and grilling.

Whole grain cooking techniques will be demonstrated with various methods to prepare vegetable based salads, side dishes and main entrees. By combining vegetables with grains to complement the flavor of each, you will learn how adding fresh herbs will bring out the natural flavors and satisfy your senses. Brown rice, Quinoa and Bulgur are some of the grains cooked and tasted in class.

Basic Cooking 2
Stocks, Soups and Sauces

In this class we will show how to prepare vegetable based soups and sauces as meal components You will learn by demonstration and preparation how to balance flavors with healthy techniques using spices, herbs, and aromatics to make good-for-you dishes taste great! Learn how to make easy satisfying meals by adding lean meat, poultry and fish.

Basic Cooking 3
Roasting, Braising, Grilling Meats and Poultry

There are two basic methods for cooking meat: dry heat and wet heat. Dry heat methods include roasting, grilling and stir-frying. Wet heat includes slow cooking methods of braising and stewing.

In this class, we will explore, thru hands on cooking and demonstration, ways to prepare meat and free range poultry that will make your dinner easy and delicious. You will take home with you products and tools, secrets of a catering kitchen.

Basic Cooking 4
Techniques for Cooking Fish and Seafood

Fish can be easily prepared using a variety of techniques including roasting, pan searing, grilling and even cooking in parchment. We will explore some common varieties of sustainable fish and shellfish and learn basic preparation methods that will make your meals healthy and delicious.

Whether pan-roasting, baking or grilling, fish does not take very long to cook. Learn kitchen tricks to have most of your meal ready to go before you start cooking the fish as your main course.

Delicious Life for Your Family

Our team of practitioners and chefs can teach you and your children how to lead a delicious life. We will work with you and your family to customize a program focusing on lifestyle changes for healthy living. Come to our kitchen or we will work in you home. Learn the basics with customized program designed for your own special needs. Panty analysis, kitchen equipment analysis menu planning in your home is available. Please inquire for a custom program.

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